Class of 2015

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to share with you my class of 2015. These seniors made my last full summer in Nebraska super fun and successful. Looking back at these images, I smile. I laugh. I am extremely thankful. I had so much fun with all of them. Each shoot has it’s own exciting story to tell, from crazies at the river, climbing trees, getting stuck in the mud, and dodging tornados. It was a summer to remember. I pray God’s blessing on each of you as you prepare for college!

Kortney: We explored God’s country.

Chloe: She is my only senior who has climbed on field goal posts.

Shelby: We had to dodge tornados…and lots of hail.

Sarah: Another storm dodger. This is the most yellow this field has ever been!

Evan: Possibly the hottest day of the summer.

Brooke: Sunflowers and elephants…and a Blizzard too. :)

Breanna: Books, sparkle, and farms. This girl is awesome!

Callie: This girl has no fear of climbing on ledges in wedges. (See what I did there?)

Jacob: Caught the eyes of some girls while we were taking pictures.

Alyssa: We confettied ’till the sun came up. And it was a blast!

Sydney: It was a beautiful day! About as perfect as you can get. And the light? Yum.

Josie: Shooting on a roof. Sliding down a fire escape pole. Creepers at the river. Memorable.

Katie: We got so lucky with these bales. It made me so happy.

Matilyn: Lots of giggles and laughs, and lots of fun at the river.

Jace: I loved meeting and spending time with Jace’s family.

Sam: This girl climbed a fallen tree in the middle of a brushy ditch. Thanks, Sam!

Rylee: My last shoot of the summer. I had wanted to shoot in this spot for SO long and was finally able to!

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